EAD 991A Summer Workshop on Doctoral Writing

Hybrid course May 26th-August 4th 2010
A summer workshop on doctoral writing is designed to support students in meeting important milestones in their program.

Seminar Goals: The aim of this seminar is to help you accomplish three things: 1) establish writing routines; 2) make substantial progress on a written project; and 3) become a better writer. Academic writing is not easy; however, with support and guidance, you can become a more skilled and productive writer. That’s what we will strive for in this seminar!
Seminar Format: We will use a hybrid-format for the seminar, with first and last class meetings on campus. During the intervening weeks, you have two options: come to campus for a writer’s workshop and discussion, or participate in an on-line community where you engage in discussion around course readings and topics with your colleagues. The on-campus writer’s workshop will take place every other Wednesday afternoon. A tentative schedule is outlined below.
Introductory Class: Wednesday, May 26, 6-9pm
Getting Started; Getting Unstuck
Workshop Module 1: Wednesday, June 9, 1-5pm
Clarity, Cohesion & Emphasis
Workshop Module 2: Wednesday, June 23, 1-5pm
Writing for an Academic Audience
Workshop Module 3: Wednesday, July 7, 1-5pm
Making & Supporting Claims
Workshop Module 4: Wednesday, July 21, 1-5pm
The Art of Revision
Final Class: Wednesday, August 4, 1-4pm
Writing with Grace: Coherence, Concision & Elegance

Course Assignments: Each student will select a substantive writing project to work on during the course. Completion of the course will require successful completion of the contracted project. In addition, students will be expected to keep up with reading assignments and expectations for discussion, whether online or in person. To support students’ development as writers, two texts will be required. Additional readings will be posted on ANGEL.
Booth, W. C., Colomb, G. G. & Williams, J. M. (2008). The craft of research, 3rd Ed. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.
Williams, J. M. (1995). Style: Toward clarity and grace. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.
For more information, contact: Dr. Cynthia Carver at carvercy@msu.edu or 517.927.4905
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