Announcements for September 20th, 2010

1.How to Feel as Bright and Capable as Everyone Seems to Think You Are:

What Every Woman and Man Needs to Know About Competence, the Impostor Syndrome, and the Art of Winging It

Dr. Valerie Young
Friday, October 1, 2010

College of Business-Large Auditorium (Room N130)
Sponsored By: The Graduate School, ADVANCE, Graduate Student Life & Wellness, Graduate Employees Union, and MSU Counseling Center.

Have you ever dismissed your accomplishments as a fluke, worried that others will find out you’re not as intelligent as they seem to think you are, or shied away from a challenge because of self-doubt? You’re not alone.
Imposter syndrome is the belief that achievements are the result of luck, charm, or other external factors despite evidence to the contrary. It’s incredibly common among graduate and professional students, but learning how to overcome it can help you complete your degree faster, succeed as a professional, and live your life with less stress and more happiness

2. A discussion about potential research, teaching, and learning in Cuba.

"MSU Experiences and Learning Opportunities in Cuba"
Open discussion with brief presentation facilitated by

Rene Hinojosa, Professor, School of Planning, Design and Construction
and Robert Thomas, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography

Wednesday, September 22
3:00-4:30 pm
201 International Center

3. Dissertation formatting will be ELECTRONIC. The graduate school is hosting formatting workshops.
The Graduate School is now accepting electronic submissions of theses and dissertations via ProQuest. The site for electronic submissions went live on August 30th. Detailed formatting and submission information for preparing electronic documents is available from the Graduate School web site,

During Fall 2010, traditional submission of unbound printed documents will continue to be an option, but only electronic documents will be accepted after December 16, 2010.

THREE workshops this fall, 2 for Electronic Submissions and 1 final workshop for Hard Copy Submissions.

September 17th, 2010 for Hard Copy Submissions

September 24th, 2010 for ELECTRONIC Submissions

November 5th, 2010 for ELECTRONIC Submissions

4.International Studies and Programs is pleased to host D. Joseph Mook, PhD from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Office of International Science and Engineering (OISE)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 from 11:00am - 12:00pm in the Kellogg Center, Room 103A&B.

Dr. Mook is the program manager for NSF’s OISE/East Asian and Pacific Region. He will speak on the areas of engagement of the NSF regarding their support of international research collaboration.

What is the OISE?

Office of International Science & Engineering (OISE)
The Office of International Science and Engineering (OISE) serves as a focal point for international science and engineering activities both inside and outside NSF. OISE promotes the development of an integrated, Foundation-wide international strategy, and manages international programs that are innovative, catalytic, and responsive to a broad range of NSF interests.

Specifically, OISE supports programs to expand and enhance leading-edge international research and education opportunities for U.S. scientists and engineers, especially at the early career stage. It works to build and strengthen effective institutional partnerships throughout the global science and engineering research and education community, and it supports international collaborations in NSF's priority research areas.

The Office carries out its functions through close partnership with the NSF Directorates and through its own program activities. OISE is housed within the Office of the NSF Director since its role is Foundation-wide. OISE encourages funding applicants to include an international component in proposals submitted to the appropriate research directorate.

An example of the NSF’s commitment to international research is the newly co-funded (by the Gates Foundation) program called Basic Research to Enable Agricultural Development (BREAD). The goal of BREAD is to support basic research that will build a foundation for generating sustainable, science-based solutions to agricultural problems in developing countries, the NSF has intentions of awarding 15 grants and $20 million per year over the next five years. MSU is currently submitting two letters of intent to propose and is a sub with another university for the current round of submissions.

Who should attend?

The OISE funds a broad cross section of international research endeavors in which graduate students, seasoned research veterans and university research administrators will benefit from Dr. Mook’s presentation. For further clarification of NSF’s numerous programs please see the following resources.

Additional Resources:

A vision statement for OISE can be found at

Current OISE funding opportunities

Many doctoral students in the College of Education have successfully located funding for their research, dissertation, travel, and other scholarly activities. The Institute for Research on Teaching & Learning (IRTL) is here to support doctoral students in the College of Education seeking external funding.

To receive a monthly email highlighting external funding opportunities available for doctoral students, send a blank email to Chris Glass ( with the word 'subscribe' in the subject line.

Whether it's your first year or you're writing a dissertation, you can always strengthen your grant writing knowledge and skills. IRTL helps doctoral students learn about where and how to find funding now as well as in their future academic or professional careers. We can help you:
Get started. We introduce you to the grant writing process and funding opportunities appropriate to different stages of your academic program and states of research development.

Find funders. We teach you strategies for conducting effective searches for a variety of grant sizes and options, using the best available databases, matching your needs with the priorities of different funders.
Prepare proposals. We review drafts of external funding proposals, review budgets, and develop a workable timeline to manage the funding application process.
Watch for future email announcements to learn about funding opportunities and to sign up for one of our interactive workshops this semester. You can also email me anytime with questions or to make an appointment for individualized assistance. We look forward to supporting you as you navigate the funding application process!

Chris Glass | Erickson Hall 513G |
Institute for Research on Teaching & Learning

6. The Graduate School’s Graduate Student Life & Wellness program encourages your participation in the
2010 Dino Dash 5K Walk/Run on Sunday, October 3, 2010 at 9:00 AM at the MSU Museum.

As part of the Graduate Student Life & Wellness program, the Graduate School will provide FREE ENTRY to the 2010 Dino Dash 5K Walk/Run and a special Graduate Student Life & Wellness t-shirt to the first 80 graduate students to register at ****. Students must be willing to participate in the 5K Walk/Run and be able to meet at 9:00am the MSU Museum on the morning of October 3rd.
Deadline to register for the FREE entry is Friday, September 24, 2010.
To register: Email The Graduate School at ****. Please include your first name, last name, gender, age, department, e-mail address, T-shirt size and the name of the event (Dino Dash).

More information about the Dinosaur Dash in general can be found at:
*Registration at 9:00am. Race begins at 10:00am.

Sponsored by the Graduate School

7.If you are interested in Higher Education Policy, you should not miss this conversation sponsored by the HALE Center:

Join us on Friday, September 24 from 10AM to 11:30AM at R. 252 Erickson to have a Conversation with Terry Hartle - Senior Vice President - Division of Government and Public Affairs at the American Council on Education (ACE).
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