Announcements for October 23rd, 2009

1. Important news from Dr. Kristen Renn regarding summer dissertation completion fellowships:

Attention EAD faculty and doctoral students:

You recently received the message (below) from Michael Sedlak about applying for spring and summer 2010 dissertation completion fellowships (EDPHDLIST). The EAD department deadline for the application is NOON on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2. Each application must be prepared as 3 MS Word documents, per Dean Sedlak's instructions, including the proposal (not more than 30 pages), recommendation letter from your advisor, and MSU transcript. Send your application materials to Ms. Irene Unkefer (). If your advisor is sending your letter separately to Ms. Unkefer, it is your responsibility to make sure that it is received by the deadline.

Also, as noted by Dean Sedlak, students must have in the Graduate Records Office by November 1, 2009 evidence that they have passed required comprehensive examinations.

If you have any questions about preparing or submitting your application for the dissertation completion fellowship, please contact Dr. Renn at (Kristen Renn, Associate Professor, EAD)

(Original Dissertation Completion Fellowship Announcement 2009-10)

To all faculty and advanced PhD students:
The Graduate School and College of Education will continue to offer a number of "Dissertation Completion Fellowships" for advanced doctoral students who could benefit from a $6000 fellowship to accelerate the completion of their dissertation.
Awards will be for spring, 2010, and summer, 2010.

The college review committee requests a preliminary level of departmental review and submissions to make the College-level pool more manageable. This also allows the departments and programs, which have greater inside knowledge than the College committee, to make initial judgements about the applications.

Each department will submit ranked nominations to the college-level review panel.

So, nominations will be submitted to the Chairperson of each department; educational policy program nominations should be submitted to me directly (no later than November 4, 2009). The Departments will establish a schedule and utilize a mechanism for reviewing and recommending the most promising nominations to my office for College-level review and endorsement. Departmental nominations need to be submitted electronically. The Graduate School will make the formal award.

The College will need to submit its recommendations by December 1, 2009. Complete nomination packages are due from the departments to my office no later than November 17.

Departments will need to establish their own review procedures and timelines, but students and advisors should expect to submit nominations certainly by the end of October (check with your department because an earlier deadline maybe imposed).

The competition is open to doctoral students who are positioned to submit the final versions of their dissertations to the Graduate School by the end of Summer, 2010; projected Spring and Summer PhD graduates are therefore eligible. But, students who have already defended their dissertations and are engaged in final revisions at this time (even if it is likely that they will earn a Spring 2010 degree) are not eligible for the award.

Note: although these are the target dates, I want to remind you that most faculty do not have formal assignments at MSU during the summer. Expecting them to focus on the final stages of dissertation writing and the defense, therefore, is not something that anyone should take lightly. Recently, far too many dissertations were completed, defended, and revised for final submission during the summer. We are aware that the previous deadlines for the Dissertation Completion Fellowships contributed to this situation for a handful of students. We have discussed this with the Graduate School and secured an agreement to have summer semester DCF recipients turn their dissertations in to the Graduate School during the fall semester, with defenses and final revisions completed after the end of summer but well before the fall Graduate School deadlines. This should help reduce pressure to have faculty members so deeply engaged in final dissertation work. We will try this again for US10. We do not want to eliminate summer fellowships, but if the situation does not improve then is something we might have to consider.

In order to be eligible, all nominees for the Dissertation Completion Fellowships must have passed their comprehensive examinations, and have a copy of the examination completion form on file in the Graduate Records Office by November 1, 2009: NO EXCEPTIONS.

We are soliciting nominations for the award among all College of Education advisors/dissertation directors. The nomination packet should include the following:

1. ONE COPY of the approved dissertation proposal. Based on prior experience, we ask that proposals be NO LONGER THAN 30 pages, double spaced. This limit does not pertain to essential appendices or reference lists. In some cases this may mean submitting a single representative section, but in most cases the entire proposal may be submitted. We want this in electronic (Word .doc) form from the departments, with the following filename:

DCF10Prop[your last name].doc.

2. ONE LETTER of nomination/support from the director of the dissertation that attends to the following: it reaffirms the approval of the proposal, testifies to the dissertation's strengths, and to the likelihood of completion before the end of summer, 2010. The letter must include a timeline for completion, with major benchmarks, and should indicate the way in which the $6000 award will help release time to complete the dissertation. These statements are critical to the reviewers, so please address them directly in the letter. Nominations without timelines will not be considered at the College level.

3. ONE MSU electronic transcript for all PhD program coursework. You can download this from SIS yourself. Attach it to the application email along with the proposal, using the following filename:

DCF10Transcript[your last name].doc.

During the semester of the award, recipients may hold no more than a quarter-time assistantship.
We require reassurance about progress and timely completions because future funding for this award from the University is based in large part upon the success of these awards in expediting the completion of strong dissertations. We are pleased that virtually all of last year's recipients finished in a timely fashion, which has kept our presence and strength visible across campus.

--Michael W. Sedlak
Professor of History of Education &
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
College of Education
207 Erickson Hall
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

2. Request for Proposals for 2010 Summer Research Fellowships

The Dean's Office in the College of Education again invites proposals for a summer research fellowship. The award is designed to intensify and accelerate the scholarly development of our students. Doctoral students in the college who are not yet at the dissertation stage are eligible to apply.

The awards will consist of a fellowship for $6000, which will be paid in April, 2010. The fellowships are designed to support students full-time, so recipients may not enroll in any courses, nor hold any other work assignments during the summer semester. The program will also provide $500 to the faculty mentor who agrees to oversee a student's project. At the end of summer, by approximately August 15, 2010, recipients will be expected to submit a brief letter to me that summarizes their accomplishments, with a copy of the letter to Dean Karen Klomparens of the Graduate School (her award letter will specify the exact date for your letter to her). Because the fellowship will be paid in April, recipients must be enrolled during the spring semester.

Each complete proposal will include:

1. A three-page (single-spaced) proposal that outlines the goals of the project. The summer fellowship may be used to collect data, to analyze and write-up previously collected research data, to complete an ongoing project, or to move it to the publication stage. The proposal should indicate where the research will be presented or published. References and essential brief supplementary matter can exceed the three page limit. Please list your faculty mentor's name on the line following your own name and PID at the beginning of the proposal.

2. An email statement to me from prospective faculty mentors agreeing to oversee the project. This is not a letter of recommendation; just a sentence agreeing to mentor the project.

The fellowships are intended to support students' original work, or, possibly, a piece of a larger project which is assigned exclusively to the student. It is not intended to support graduate research assistantship assignments. Selection will be based on the quality of the proposal, progress that is expected be made on the project during the summer fellowship period, and the student's academic record, with preference given to students in the early stage of their program (typically to those just finishing their second year, or possibly third year).

Proposals are to be submitted electronically as Word attachments (name the files in this fashion exactly: SRF10PropYourLastName.doc (for example: SRF10PropSmith.doc) to Michael Sedlak, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs ( Make certain that your full name and PID appear at the start of the proposal; no separate title pages; everything must be in Verdana 10 point font; must have page numbers in the footer.

Michael Sedlak must receive your proposal no later that December 11, 2009.

3. Talking About Research in the Interview

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
5:00 - 6:30 p.m. (Registration begins at 4:30 p.m.)
Room 6, Student Services Building

Most job candidates know that an on-campus interview will likely include some kind of job talk or research presentation. But this is only one setting in which candidates discuss their research, and it is not always the most important one. How do you respond when the Academic Dean who is not it your field asks you to sum up your research? How do you summarize your research to the potential colleague who only has 5 minutes to chat with you over dinner, and who has little familiarity with your area? What are the key points to stress to different audiences in various settings both in your initial interview and in an on-campus visit? In this highly interactive workshop, attendees will focus on effectively communicating their research in multiple ways. Learn how to set yourself apart in your interviews and to get your audience as excited about your research as you are.

Moderators: Dr. Tony Nunez (Associate Dean, The Graduate School; Professor, Psychology/Neuroscience Program),; Dr. Matt Helm (Director, Ph.D. Career Services); Dr. Judith Stoddart (Assistant Dean, The Graduate School; Associate Professor, English).

Registration is required. To register send an email to: **__gradwrsp@msu.edu__**. Please include your name, department, e-mail address, name of the workshop, and date of the workshop.
This workshop is limited to 60 participants on a first come, first served basis.
Following you will find some
information we would like to share about assistantships in Student
Services for the 2010-2011 academic year:

4. Student Affairs would like to announce GA positions in the area of student services :
Multiple Graduate Assistant (GA) positions are available annually in departments within Student Affairs and Academic Support Services. These positions provide a significant professional apprenticeship for the GA while helping provide programs and services that support student learning, success, and retention.
Karen Stowell
Staffing Secretary
The Department of Residence Life
517 432-2503

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