1. New Courses!

TE 982 Examining Critical Race Theory in Education
Spring 2011 – Mondays, 4:10pm-7:00pm

Dr. Dorinda Carter Andrews
In this course, students explore Critical Race Theory as an analytical framework that provides race-based epistemological, methodological, and pedagogical approaches to the study of everyday inequalities in K-20 education. Key foci of this seminar are to help students understand CRT as a theoretical framework, examine its utility and limitations, and consider its application to students' own research and practice. We will begin by exploring the historical development of CRT from Critical Legal Studies (CLS) and move through its contemporary nuances. In addition, we will work to expose the ideological construction of race and education in the U.S. As such, we will also work through the oppressive nature of education and boldly confront notions of colorblindness. Throughout this course, we will grapple with the challenges surrounding the inclusion of multiple voices and perspectives in the complex intersections among race, gender, class, and sexual orientation.
This course is open to all Masters and Doctoral-level students and counts toward the Urban Specialization in the College of Education. Questions can be directed to Dr. Carter at dcarter@msu.edu

EAD 964 Spring 2011
Wednesdays, 4:10-7 p.m.

This three-credit course features an innovative international model of instruction with scholars from the European Union, the United States, and China. The unique format introduces students to comparative methodology, the socio-historical context of higher education systems, varying perspectives on emerging global higher education issues, and differing regional approaches to higher education policy. The course is sponsored by the HALE Center for Higher and Adult Education and includes a slate of accomplished international scholars: Dr. James Fairweather (MSU), Dr. Wanhua Ma (Peking University), Dr. Seppo Hölttä (Univeristy of Tampere), and Dr. Timo Aarrevaara (University of Helsinki).

2. The New Job Search: Expanding Your Career Opportunities in the Ph.D. Job Market

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
International Center Room 115

Expanding career opportunities in the Ph.D. job market requires the use of new strategies when seeking professional employment. In addition to finding and effectively applying for open positions, it is important to locate job openings through a networking process of referral, personal relationships, and informational interviewing. In addition to this, a new and emerging strategy for job searching is the use of social networking media. The presenter will discuss job search strategies for graduate students seeking employment in business, government, or non-profits. Participants will gain a better understanding about how to begin, organize, and expand a job search, what strategies are most effective, how to research organizations, and where to find other helpful resources. Presenter: Dr. Linda Gross, Associate Director of Career Services at Student Service
Registration is REQUIRED. To register, send an email to: gradwrsp@msu.edu and include your name, department, email address, and the name of the workshop (The New Job Search).

The International Education program at New York University's Steinhardt
School of Culture, Education and Human Development is pleased to host its
Sixth Annual International Education conference. We invite abstracts for
presentations at the conference, to be held at New York University's
Washington Square campus, March 25 and 26, 2011.

This year's conference, "The Politics of Knowledge and Schooling in the
Global Era" seeks to bring together academics and practitioners, from a
variety of disciplines, to discuss how education and knowledge production
are politicized today. More specifically, we seek to explore:
  • Knowledge Creation: How is knowledge created and disseminated? How
is official knowledge constructed and negotiated? What is the relationship
between knowledge and power?
  • Politics of Socialization: How do formal and informal socialization
processes shape culture and identity? Who are the stakeholders? How are
various groups challenging national narratives?
  • Global Education: How are international best practices determined?
How are knowledge and schooling diverging and/or converging across
institutions in the global arena? How does education change, if at all, in
a globalizing world?

Proposals not directly related to these themes are also welcome.

The interdisciplinary field of international education provides a unique
opportunity to address these topics from a variety of academic and practical
perspectives. Participants from any discipline are encouraged to apply. By
bringing together scholars, researchers, and practitioners, we hope to come
to new understandings of the nature of our work in the field and in the
classroom. Both doctoral and master's students are encouraged to submit
proposals, as this is a graduate student conference.

We seek individual and/or group proposals for paper presentations. We will
primarily use panel format for our sessions, although proposals for other
kinds of presentations may be submitted. Individual papers will be grouped
in topical panels, arranged after proposals have been accepted and
confirmed. LCD projectors and Power-point equipped PC laptops will be
available for all sessions.

Individual Paper Proposals:
  • Title of paper
  • Presenter's name, institutional affiliation, and title
  • Mailing address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers
  • An abstract of 150-200 words
  • Two or three keyword descriptors

Group Paper Proposals:
  • Title of the panel session
  • All names, institutional affiliations and titles
  • All mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, telephones and fax numbers
  • An abstract of 150-200 words for the panel
  • An abstract of 150-200 words for each individual paper
  • Keyword descriptors for panel and papers

Please e-mail your submissions to nyu.inted@gmail.com by January 25, 2011.

The 2010 Conference will be hosted at New York University's Washington
Square campus, primarily in buildings associated with the Steinhardt School
of Culture, Education and Human Development. Information about travel to and
from New York, accommodation options, fees, and procedures will be provided
in a few weeks. Please visit our website,
http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/conference/ieconf2011 for further information.

4. Faculty and graduate students are invited to attend the annual Michigan Virtual University (MVU) Online Learning Symposium scheduled for Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at the Kellogg Center at MSU.

Free (normally $50!) for MSU College of Education faculty and graduate students can register for the Symposium at no cost
by using the promotional code:


thanks to support from MVU.

The theme for this year's event is Online Learning: Academically Effective, Fiscally Responsible. The Symposium agenda will explore how school districts and educators are turning to online learning as an effective delivery model to address persistent and emerging academic and fiscal challenges. This year's keynote presenters include:

· Steve Midgley, Deputy Director of Education Technology at the U.S. Department of Education
· Dr. Milton Chen, Senior Fellow and Executive Director Emeritus at The George Lucas Educational Foundation
· Dr. Richard E. Ferdig, Research Professor in the Research Center for Educational Technology at Kent State University

Milton Chen is the author of a new book, "Education Nation, Six Leading Edges of Innovation in our Schools," and with his experience at the George Lucas Foundation has a broad perspective on innovation and technology as shared via Edutopia: http://www.edutopia.org.

Steve Midgley's primary areas of focus are data transparency, digital interoperability and online learning. Prior to arriving at the Department of Education, Steve was the Director of Education at the FCC, where he headed the team which developed the Education chapter of the National Broadband Plan.

Richard Ferdig received his PhD from MSU College of Education and among other things was instrumental at the University of Florida in launching their online Ed.D., which inspired our decision to launch the Hybrid PhD in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology at MSU.

The 2010 MVU Symposium registration page and agenda can be found at http://www.mivu.org/AboutUs/2010MVUSymposium/tabid/694/Default.aspx

5. College of Education Doctoral students are invited to Trillium . . . an evening of poetry on Thursday, November 11, 7:00pm in room 252 Erickson Hall . The fall event is hosted by students of TE 458: Reading , Writing and Teaching Poetry, with feature poets Laura Apol and Janine Certo. Please consider signing up for the open mic to read some of your original poetry, or perhaps to read a favorite poem. If you are an artist or musician, please do share your work with us. Friends and/or family most welcome. Refreshments provided.
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