Announcements for October 17th 20101. Once again! IMPORTANT: Call for Proposals
There are no restrictions on full or part-time employment or assistantship time. Due date November 5th

Call for Proposals: EAD Doctoral Research Small Grants

Deadline: 5pm Friday November 5, 2010
Eligibility: A one-time award for advanced doctoral students in EAD (K-12 or HALE), no restrictions on full- or part-time employment or assistantship time. To be considered, student must have an up-to-date (spring 2010) Annual Evaluation of PhD Student form on file in EAD by Nov 15, 2010. See your advisor and
Eligible Expenses: This funding comes from the College of Education Dean's Office with some stipulations: Click on the wiki for full details about this funding (at left PhD funding!)

2. PREP Job Search Workshop Series

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 Mastering the Academic Interview
9:00 am - Noon (registration at 8:45 am)
Lincoln Room, The Kellogg Center
Are you prepared for all of the venues and formats you might encounter in the job search (telephone interview, video interview, conference exchanges, campus visit)? Can you talk about your research outside your prepared job talk or research presentation? How do you respond when the academic dean who is not in your field asks you to sum up your research? How do you summarize your career plans and teaching and research interests to the potential colleague who only has 5 minutes to chat with you over dinner, and who has little familiarity with your area? What are the key points to stress to different audiences in various settings both in your initial interview and in an on-campus visit?
In this highly interactive workshop, attendees will focus on effectively communicating their strengths and interests in a variety of interview settings. Learn how to be competitive, set yourself apart in interviews, and get your audience excited about your work.
In the opening session, participants will focus on interview strategies through discussions of video vignettes, and they will explore how resources such as Interview Stream can provide helpful and immediate feedback. In disciplinary breakout groups, participants will practice presenting their research to different audiences, and learn strategies for managing occasions from casual conversations on campus visits to job talks. Moderators: Dr. Rique Campa (Fisheries and Wildlife) Assistant Dean, The Graduate School; Dr. Matt Helm, Director, Ph.D. Career Services; Dr. Tony Nunez (Psychology and Neuroscience), Associate Dean, The Graduate School; Dr. Judith Stoddart (English) Assistant Dean, The Graduate School.
Registration is required. To register send an email to: **__gradwrsp@msu.edu__**. Please include your name, department, e-mail address, name of the workshop, and date of the workshop.

The Graduate School is excited to announce that several students have successfully submitted their Masters Theses and Doctoral Dissertations via ProQuest and we continue to receive electronic submissions daily!

Detailed formatting and submission information for preparing electronic documents is available from the Graduate School website,

During Fall 2010, traditional submission of unbound printed documents will continue to be an option, but only electronic documents will be accepted after December 16th, 2010.

An electronic submission workshop is scheduled for Friday, November 5th, 2010. To register, please go to
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