Announcements for November 18th, 2010

1. A visit and a talk by Dileep Ranjekar and Anurag Behar, Co-CEO's of the Azim Premji Foundation
Monday Nov 22nd, 12 noon at 302 International Center

Educational development in India: The role of the Azim Premji Foundation
Dileep Ranjekar & Anurag Behar
Co-CEO’s of Azim Premji Foundation

In this presentation, Dileep Ranjekar and Anurag Behar will provide a brief overview of the Indian educational context, and the challenges it faces. They will describe the work of the Azim Premji Foundation (APF), its vision, missions, programs, work culture and operational strategies, positioning APF’s efforts in the larger context of dealing with a culturally and linguistically diverse setting as in India and highlight the major initiatives that Foundation has undertaken thus far, including their latest initiative the Azim Premji University.

The Azim Premji Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a vision to “significantly contribute to achieve quality universal education that facilitates a just, equitable and humane society.” Operational since 2001, the APF employs about 300 professionals and 1000 paid volunteers in realizing this vision for elementary education in India. APF is currently engaged with over 2.5 million children, in 20,000 schools in partnership with 13 Indian States. The work of the foundation has been characterized by a strong emphasis on systemic reform of Indian education at all levels.
For more information visit the APF website at

As a critical component of the Foundation’s strategy, Azim Premji University (established under Government of Karnataka’s Azim Premji University Act, 2010) plans to emerge as an institution for learning and research in education and relevant development domains. Its focus is to develop education capacity and foster the development of professionals who are committed to social change. Working closely with the Foundation’s other education and development programs, the University seeks to significantly strengthen the connection between theory and practice. Key foci include: (a) Preparing a large number of committed education and development professionals who can significantly contribute to meeting the needs of the country; and (b) Building new knowledge in the areas of education and development through establishing a very strong link between theory and practice. For more information, go to:

2. Dileep and Anurag would like to meet with graduate students with an interest in education and development. So we have a special meeting with graduate students at Monday Nov 22nd, 3:00 PM in 507 Erickson Hall

The Premji Foundation is doing some exciting work in the area of primary education, higher education, educational technology and development. This two events should be of interest to a wide range of people. We hope to see you there.

3. This week's presenter at the Explorations in Instructional Technology brown bag seminar is Peter Glendinning from the MSU Department of Art and Art History. His topic is "Be Careful What You Wish For: Extending Photographic Education Across the Globe"

TIME: Friday, November 19, from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.
PLACE: Room 105 Natural Sciences Building.

Peter has taught classes in photography for Art majors and non-majors alike for many years. With digital photography, software, and the web, he has expanded the classroom to all corners of the globe, and to students who might never have taken an Art course otherwise. Having no more excuses to give to the many students who approached him every year for photography independent study credits related to their Study Abroad programs, his course, "This Is My World: Photography for Study Abroad," was the result. The presentation will give participants a look at the course materials, including some of the results of the first students' efforts, the software and web tools used to construct the class.

This will be an interesting presentation for anyone who teaches or is thinking about teaching online courses, but especially interesting for budding photographers, and for faculty who teach in the MSU Study Abroad Program
Everyone is welcome to attend.

4. Break out of your routine and join MSU graduate and professional students for an evening of trivia and great food. It’s the second MSU Graduate Student Social Nights-Trivia Night and it’s a great chance to network, meet someone new, and have fun. Appetizers are on us and to help break the ice we’re playing trivia at 6:30pm. That means if you are one of the top three teams, you’ll walk away with a prize. It’s happening at Harper’s Restaurant in East Lansing and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Graduate Student Trivia Night
Friday, November 19, 2010
6:00pm-9:00pm­Trivia starts at 6:30pm
Harper’s Restaurant
131 Albert Ave., East Lansing, MI
FREE Appetizers & Prizes
This event does not require registration.

5.Grad and Professional Students –
Don’t qualify for a GA permit? Would you rather park in downtown East Lansing? The Council of Graduate Students presents:

Semester long parking permits in the colorful parking ramp in East Lansing are now on sale at a reduced rate of $150 per semester!**

The Council of Graduate Students has teamed up with the City of East Lansing to sell reduced cost graduate student permits in the Downtown East Lansing Division Street ramp (Lot 10 - Colorful Parking Garage at Division & Albert Streets). Permit holders can park in the designated permit area in the upper levels using an access card purchased at the COGS Office.

WHERE TO BUY PERMITS: COGS Office (316 Student Services)

· Your vehicle registration (with your license plate number)
· Your student ID
· Proof that you have paid the COGS tax in the most recent/current semester (To prove that you are a graduate student - a printout of your bill with the COGS tax highlighted is sufficient)
· A check or money order for $150 (Sorry, no cash or credit/debit cards can be accepted at this time)
· If you purchased a Fall parking permit, you can renew your permit now and not have any lapse in parking access. You can pay by stopping by the office or mailing a check to 316 Student Services with the following information:
1. Your name
2. Proof you’re enrolled for Spring Semester & paid the COGS tax
3. COGS Parking Permit number
4. License Plate Number (if changed only)

Parking access cards are now in stock in the COGS Office, and are activated within minutes of purchase! Permits are active for all of Spring Semester, from 1/1/11-5/15/11.
Stop by and get your permit in time for Spring Semester!

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