Announcements for November 7th

Announcements for November 7th

1. GIFT session "Internationalizing the Curriculum" Tuesday, Nov 10, 09. 6-8pm 252 EH
The 3rd and last session of this fall semester. The topic for this session features two prominent professors in this area:
Professor Robison will present on social capital and its role in internationalizing the curriculum. At the core of social capital theory is that we have physical and socio-emotional needs. Cultural differences determine how and what socio-emotional goods are exchanged in the learning and teaching process.

In the second half of the session, Dr.Elizabeth Heilman, associate professor of teacher education whose work helps teachers, teacher educators, and theorists better understand the complexity of both the civic and the social imagination – will present the ideas of democracy, national and global citizenship, and identity and diversity, as well as how people develop a sense of power, political efficacy, human connection and responsibility to others.
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2. New Comparative Education Course
Spring 2010
EAD991B, Section 1
Wednesdays, 4:10 to 7:00 p.m.
The course has two main purposes. The first purpose is to gain an understanding of key international higher education policy challenges and how these challenges play out in different international settings (national, institutional, in some cases regional). To assist students in making sense of these international developments, including the distinct national higher education systems in which they apply, we will also examine the American system of higher education. The primary purpose here is to provide a comparative benchmark for interpreting these international higher education policy themes. The second purpose is to introduce students to the methods of international comparative research in higher education, the culmination of which will be a paper comparing one or more internationals settings with the U.S. Both master's and doctoral students are welcome. There is no prerequisite.

For more information, contact Dr. Jim Fairweather,
3. Reminder:Request for Proposals for 2010 Summer Research Fellowships Due December 11, 2009.

The Dean's Office in the College of Education again invites proposals for a summer research fellowship. The award is designed to intensify and accelerate the scholarly development of our students. Doctoral students in the college who are not yet at the dissertation stage are eligible to apply.

The awards will consist of a fellowship for $6000, which will be paid in April, 2010. The fellowships are designed to support students full-time, so recipients may not enroll in any courses, nor hold any other work assignments during the summer semester. The program will also provide $500 to the faculty mentor who agrees to oversee a student's project. At the end of summer, by approximately August 15, 2010, recipients will be expected to submit a brief letter to me that summarizes their accomplishments, with a copy of the letter to Dean Karen Klomparens of the Graduate School (her award letter will specify the exact date for your letter to her). Because the fellowship will be paid in April, recipients must be enrolled during the spring semester.

Each complete proposal will include:

1. A three-page (single-spaced) proposal that outlines the goals of the project. The summer fellowship may be used to collect data, to analyze and write-up previously collected research data, to complete an ongoing project, or to move it to the publication stage. The proposal should indicate where the research will be presented or published. References and essential brief supplementary matter can exceed the three page limit. Please list your faculty mentor's name on the line following your own name and PID at the beginning of the proposal.

2. An email statement to me from prospective faculty mentors agreeing to oversee the project. This is not a letter of recommendation; just a sentence agreeing to mentor the project.

The fellowships are intended to support students' original work, or, possibly, a piece of a larger project which is assigned exclusively to the student. It is not intended to support graduate research assistantship assignments. Selection will be based on the quality of the proposal, progress that is expected be made on the project during the summer fellowship period, and the student's academic record, with preference given to students in the early stage of their program (typically to those just finishing their second year, or possibly third year).

Proposals are to be submitted electronically as Word attachments (name the files in this fashion exactly: SRF10PropYourLastName.doc (for example: SRF10PropSmith.doc) to Michael Sedlak, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs ( Make certain that your full name and PID appear at the start of the proposal; no separate title pages; everything must be in Verdana 10 point font; must have page numbers in the footer.
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