College of Education International Study Tours Summer, 2011
The College of Education is sponsoring international study tours for full-time students currently enrolled in any doctoral program in the College of Education. This sponsorship is part of the college's goal of providing global learning experiences for our students that can contribute to their global competencies. Developing knowledge, understanding and appreciation of other cultures and their educational systems is important to becoming an educator, policy maker, or researcher. These study tours provide experiential opportunities for doctoral students to learn about the educational system and culture of another country including its education policies, structure of schooling, curriculum, pedagogies, educator and administrator preparation and professional development, and priorities for research in higher education. This knowledge and understanding is expected to inform their own teaching practices, research and engagement in education policy issues.

These study tour opportunities are available for doctoral students during the first three years of their academic program. The college sponsorship will likely include travel and housing although the exact amount provided for each traveler will depend on the destination and the projected costs.
At this stage there are three international study tours planned for Summer 2011 in China, Vietnam, and Botswana. Applications guidelines for the China (application deadline: January 24, 2011), Vietnam (application deadline: January 31, 2011) and Botswana tour are attached. The study tour to China will be facilitated by Barbara Markle and Dan Schultz, the trip to Vietnam will be facilitated by Dr. John Dirkx (Application deadline: January 31). The Botswana Study Tour will be facilitated by Deborah Feltz and Evelyn Oka, with an application deadline of January 31st.

Remember, the program will only accept electronic applications submitted to:


While students can apply to more than one study tour, they can only participate in ONE trip.

If there are general questions about the International Study Tour Program, please direct these to Dr. Reitu Mabokela ( or by phone at 353-6676. If students have specific questions about a particular study tour, please contact the faculty coordinator(s) of that program.
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