Writing assistance: Need help with papers and technical aspects of your paper?

Office of Student Writing Assistance (OSWA) at the College of Education
Depending on a student’s interests and needs, Professor Campbell’s assistance will include attention to the specifics of (American) English grammar and vocabulary. More generally, he will work with students on the consistency of their writing, and its responsiveness, in relation to:
- the course or program requirements being met
- the types of writing involved
- the larger contexts that affect the writing expected and determine its persuasiveness
- the overall need of assuring the “fit” and “flow” across the components of a particular piece in the production of clear and coherent writing.
Professor Campbell brings long experience with graduate student writing support to the OSWA, along with his more recent experience with undergraduates. Drop-in meetings and appointments can be made in person at the OSWA office (513-F Erickson Hall), phone( 517-432-0425 ), or e-mail (campbell@msu.edu).

MSU Writing Center
In addition to the College of Education Center, MSU also has a campus wide writing center which offers workshops and one-on one consulting.

offers consultations and advice on your quantitative problems and questions,
statistics workshops, SPSS, basics, and more

The Graduate School
**Workshops** on thesis and dissertations, professional and scholarly life as well as an office on **thesis and dissertation**
seriously, the workshops offered by the grad school will help you master the technical aspects of your dissertation, help you understand the culture of MSU, and prepare your for the eventuality of graduation, jobs, and other stuff.

Main Library
Tools and toys from the Main library, as well as library film and lecture series.
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